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10 X Conference Notes


Day 1 Notes:

Magic Johnson:· Know your customer and over deliver · What do you want your brand to stand for and look like?· Your brand will attract money, investors, and customers· Track record of success · Be patient and make sure you are ready to over deliver · I grew up poor, but didn’t have poor dreams· What’s next what else can we do?· You have to want to partner with people· Your competitor can make you great· Write stuff down· You need to have a solid business plan and strategy · Put in the time and work and educate yourself · Surround yourself with people who will tell you no. Not yes people and hold them accountable.· Hold everyone accountable· SWOT Analysis – individually and on business· Growth and sustainability· Consistency in products and expectations.

Dana White:· Go home and do it

Brandon Dawson:· Maximizing first then amplify · Brandon Dawson – Audiology· Everything you do needs a rhythm· You want a hand, give one first· You can’t influence if you are not an example· You create something by doing something bigger· Specific action with intent

Day 2 Notes:

Marketing:· If it’s not about you who should it be about?· How much attention you get will determine how far you can go· If you can’t get attention you can’t get anything· Asking a question is a way to get attention · How can I be pulled toward my goals?· You want to be a universe not just a single star
John:· Selling emotions· Look household to household· Create a feeing and sustain it· Focus on creative· William McKinley – Kitchen table talk not classroom talk. Used bread as an example and gold and silver· 61% eyes on Facebook and Instagram which is 10 times what you get on tv and radio adds· YouTube creative content · Spend on the audience’s test and track cpm · You need math and heart· Math is black and white and you either have heart or you don’t!· Give away a free resource.

Pete:· Stages are the fastest way to start a business· 3 stages to scale – physical and digital stages

  1.  Power of story braid – One talk that you use every day. One on ones, podcasts, etc.
  2. Scaling beyond the stage – create, collect, convert
  3. Winning stages – Work with the meeting planner· Content marketing doesn’t work anymore · Content marketing is 50% less effective than it was 3 years ago· Stop writing articles and start answering stupid questions·· Answer· Also·· What stupid questions should we start answering?· Solve them and create videos to share online· Stop tests · Social media is reality tv· LinkedIn works organically· Advertise to great content · Are you going to be the show or be the advertiser?· Texting is vital to your relationship with your best customers· Email newsletters – The next big thing. Less distractive and more intimate. More engaging than social. Push not pull. No login or app required. It just works. Double down on email.· Morning·· Monday Tuesday Wednesday are the best days to send the newsletter· Digital

JT:· Don’t ever jeopardize your integrity· Realistic goal setting· Be patient

Day 3 Notes:· Believe, Expect, Receive, Become, and release the miracles· Success for us is you guys being successful· Retro performance.

Marie F:· Listen to your inner voice · Positive contextual labels · Sharing information and education · Clarity comes from engagement not thought · Date to marry – onboarding· Fire fast – set them free with respect, love, and compassion· Ideal customers – That’s not everyone· Success doesn’t come from what you do every now and then, it’s something you do consistently · Everything is figureoutable · You wouldn’t have that dream in your heart if you didn’t already have what it takes to achieve it!· When you take a loss. I won or I learn but I never lose· Failure is an event not a characteristic.

John N:· Study money· Discipline dictates action·· $25 is $100 in REWhat do you want your conclusion to be? Your life is a book with chapters, some parts good some parts bad. 

Kevin Heart:· The only thing in life that is certain is change· 50-50· People suffer from financial literacy · Use your money to create value· Ask the uncool questions· Don’t be afraid to ask questions · Don’t be afraid to get the information you are ignorant to· 10X high level of consistency and perseverance · Repetition allows you to grow · Be a high level of different · Make your kids wait in line· Don’t sit by the phone to wait for the call, get up and make the opportunity· There not problems they are inconveniences.

Grant Cardone:· Production · It matters to be successful · Good people are attracted to success· Success is my duty· Put your money in your future. It will take care of yourself and others · Setbacks are fuel· Multipurpose your content.

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