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BRIAN DUMAINE, BEZONOMICS  Fortune contributing editor and Author, Bezonomics 1. Bezonomics is the philosophy Jeff Bezos uses. Amazon has used it to reach a market cap of $1.2 trillion, with $280B a year in sales.  2. One story in Bezonomics that’s relevant to the pandemic is about Amazon in 2001. Amazon had been a high […]

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The Healing Organization

Author: Raj Sisoda , The Healing Organization  1.    There is tremendous suffering in the world. The way we lead, manage, and organize is causing unnecessary suffering.  2.    We cannot go back to business as usual. We need to create a new path for business. We need to manage every business to heal.  3.    Bear witness to suffering. From that, […]


Emotional Agility

Author, DR. SUSAN DAVID, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST  When we are in a time of chaos and complexity, we need to see ourselves.Only in doing that are we able to move forward. The traditional way we think about our difficult experiences is that they are good or bad, positive or negative. We talk about positive or […]

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11 Leadership Strategies from Mark Cuban

MARK CUBAN, LEADERSHIP  Entrepreneur and author, How to Win at the Sport of Business, named “the People’s Billionaire;” and owner of 155 companies  1.  Mark recommends providing stimulus payments of $1000 to consumers every two weeks for two months after unemployment runs out. “If you don’t spend it, you lose it.” The idea is, “We […]

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Best Practices For Goal Setting

  The biggest mistake most people make in life is not setting goals high enough. ·  Operating at activity levels far beyond the normal is 10X action and execution. It will take you far. ·  Set targets that are 10X the goals you would ever dream of. ·  Your thoughts and actions are the reason you […]

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The One Funnel Away Challenge Is BACK!

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about the One Funnel Away Challenge by now… (…you know, the crazy, intense challenge where you have 30 days to build and launch your online funnel, while having Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen as your coaches?)   Word is spreading about how awesome this Challenge is, and thousands […]