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DAVID GARDNER, INVESTING STRATEGY  Co-founder, The Motley Fool  1. You should be getting out of credit card and high-interest debt. It’s very hard to invest and beat those numbers.  2. Save 10% of your salary. As we get older, it’s possible to save more than that. The default for many is put it in an […]

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Best Practices For Goal Setting

  The biggest mistake most people make in life is not setting goals high enough. ·  Operating at activity levels far beyond the normal is 10X action and execution. It will take you far. ·  Set targets that are 10X the goals you would ever dream of. ·  Your thoughts and actions are the reason you […]

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Meetings Optimized

We have all been guilty of hosting or attending a meeting that lacked structure or a real purpose.  It is important that every meeting has an agenda, is time-bound, and has takeaways from the session. Here are some best practices to follow: Daily Huddles average 5 – 15 minutes or less; no more. These serve […]