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Stimulus Package

We know many businesses are struggling during this crazy time. Trying to find ways to keep their doors open and employees engaged has never been more important.  To help solve these issues we are offering a package that includes our proven Business Coaching Methodology and our Social Media Marketing services at one crazy low monthly […]

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Best Practices For Goal Setting

  The biggest mistake most people make in life is not setting goals high enough. ·  Operating at activity levels far beyond the normal is 10X action and execution. It will take you far. ·  Set targets that are 10X the goals you would ever dream of. ·  Your thoughts and actions are the reason you […]

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Meetings Optimized

We have all been guilty of hosting or attending a meeting that lacked structure or a real purpose.  It is important that every meeting has an agenda, is time-bound, and has takeaways from the session. Here are some best practices to follow: Daily Huddles average 5 – 15 minutes or less; no more. These serve […]