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Every company has a culture, whether they realize it or not. The culture of your company is created by the people that work in your organization. It’s the out-put of what most of your employees are doing most of the time. Culture is not a tangible item. Instead, it’s a sense of belonging to something more significant with a higher purpose. Millennials are being drawn to organizations that focus more on strong cultures than profits. Yes, profit is crucial for any company to be healthy and sustainable, but I believe it shouldn’t be how you manage your employees.

Developing and curating your company culture starts with the individuals you hire. It’s important that they share some of the same values and purpose as the company. It’s similar to a pro athlete trying to build muscle. They eat healthy, well-balanced meals that provide them with the nutrition they need to help them build muscle. Your employees should be a well-balanced version of the company’s values and purpose.

Leaders of the company need to support and live by the values and purpose of the organization. They need to be stewards to the employees and the company. When they see an employee living out a company value, they should provide positive feedback and peer recognition. This will help promote the culture and keep employees engaged in the company.

Culture begins and ends with the people it embodies. Having alignment around company values and vision will help create a healthy culture. Having a unique and strong culture will help you attract and retain top talent. It’s the connective tissue that aligns us to a higher purpose beyond profits.

What are you doing to help strengthen your culture?

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