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The Healing Organization

Author: Raj Sisoda , The Healing Organization 

1.    There is tremendous suffering in the world. The way we lead, manage, and organize is causing unnecessary suffering. 

2.    We cannot go back to business as usual. We need to create a new path for business. We need to manage every business to heal. 

3.    Bear witness to suffering. From that, loving action will arise. Look at the reality of life for hourly workers. Most companies don’t care about them at all. (Example of a company that has an excellent program to do so: Appletree Answers: Dream On Initiative) 

4.    View CEO as a chief healing officer—not the chief harmony officer 

5.    We need to think of growth in a different way. It’s not about power, ego, and money. It’s “I’ve got a business that makes people’s lives better.” 

6.    Healing oath: “I will operate my business in a way that causes no harm to others. I will never enable or collude for exploitation. I will be an everyday hero, stand up for fairness and beauty…” (Link: 

7.    The ultimate KPI is how many lives have you touched/helped. 


Healing Organizations: Raj Sisodia: 

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